25" Wooden Hanging Photo Collage Trio - Circle (Instructions in Description)

    25" Wooden Hanging Photo Collage Trio - Circle (Instructions in Description)

    NEW!!!  Display your memories on a Hanging Photo Collage Trio!  Your images are printed on all high quality natural wood and are hung from sturdy Jute rope. Capture memories of Weddings, Graduations, Baby Showers and Birthdays, and much much more!!!  These make great housewarming gifts or gifts for special occasions! Made in the USA.

    • Made in the US
    • Wood Circles are 6" x 6" and hangs 25" 
    • Rope is 3-Ply all Natural Jute
    • Occasions: Graduations, Weddings, Birthdays, Births, Weddings, Holidays, and many more!
    • Natural Wood, Photo Print Collage, Single Photos, Text



    The outside dark area of the template is the bleed area.  Anything in this area will NOT be printed.  You may use the center area for an image, text, or anything else you desire.  You may also upload a single image or multiple images to the bottom two circles! 

    How do I place images into the puzzle pieces?

    1.  Click on the Decorate Now Button
    2. Your screen will now show sections underneath the main window
    3. In the middle you will see a section called 'Areas'.  Each puzzle piece is defined as an area.  We tried to mimick a clock so that you will find the pieces more easily.  You will know which area you are uploading an image to because it will highlight pink.  Anything not showing in the window will not be printed.  Example if you have an image of a dog and the tail is not in visible on your screen it will be cut off during cutting/printing.

    Why does my image shrink or show white when I go to another area? (This does not always happen)

          This is a system setting.  You will not get a misprinted circle.



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