NEW!! 18" x 18" Personalized Throw Pillows (Microfiber, Fleece, and Polypoplin)

    NEW!! 18" x 18" Personalized Throw Pillows (Microfiber, Fleece, and Polypoplin)


    Show off your personal style with your own personalized Throw Pillow!  Upload photos and images, add text, and or backgrounds to give it your own personal and custom flair! 

    Now available in 3 Fabrics!!

    - Choose from Premium Polypoplin, Fleece, or Ultra Soft Microfiber

    - 18" Square Printed on Both Sides - Choose from black, beige, or have an image printed on the other side! If you       would like another color please let us know!
    - Blown & Sewn
    - No Zipper - No Insert - Wrinkle Resistant
    - Machine Washable

    "Premium Polypoplin - Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor use.  Wipe down with damp cloth."

    Happy Decorating!


    - To add a design to the backside choose 'Back' from the areas section from the right of the design window.

    - Once you select the image that you want you will want to turn this image upside down.  There will be a tool bar that pops ups to the left that will allow you to rotate, add effects, etc.  If you have trouble with this leave a note and we will adjust it on our end.  

    - If you do not want a design and just want either the black or beige backside choose the appropriate template to the right of the window.



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      BTP18 - Microfiber $24.75 BTP18 - Fleece $27.75 BTP18 - Polypoplin $30.75


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