Commonly Asked Questions


How do I use the Designer Tools?

How do I add a Background?

Once you select add design you will get a pop up that allows you to add your own design or one of ours from the store.  Once you add a design and click okay you will see a new screen on the left. Under the 'Add Design' and 'Add Text' buttons you see an option to choose a background color. Click on it and choose your desired color.  

How do I arrange my Images in Layers?

On the left you will see each of your images in individual bars.  On each bar you will see an arrow and a red 'X' on the far left.  Click on the arrow either up or down to place your images above or below other images on your product. 

What do the Red and Blue Lines Mean on the Design Template?

The blue line at the bottom within the 'BLUE' frame is there to let you know that your artwork, photos, or collage is to be placed within the blue frame.  The red line is our bleed marker.  Please ensure that any text or important parts of your artwork or photos do not extend past the blue frame as these may be lost during production.

How Long does it take to receive my products?

Please allow 3-5 business days for production.  You will receive a shipment notification; which will give a delivery time frame.

Can I use my Cell Phone or Tablet to upload an image?

We recommend using a desktop computer or laptop. Mobile devices vary and cannot manipulate artwork.

What is a Good Resolution?

For the best printing result we recommend images have at least 150 dpi. The higher the dpi the better quality your print will be.  Although, some minor corrections are in done in production.

Why am I getting a Blurry Image Error Message?

This is based on the size of the product compared to the original image embedded within the product.  Please disregard as we enhance the photos during our production stage.

How do I know that my Order was Received?

Once you have completed your order you will receive a confirmation email that we have received your order. However, you must 'check out' in order to complete your transaction. If you do not we will not receive your order.

How do I redeem my Certifiate?

Always enter code into appropriate area; Gift Certificate.

How do I track my Order?

Go into your shipping notification email.  You will have a link in there that will take you directly to the carriers site.  From there you can track the status of your order.

How do I Contact Ramco?

Phone: 1.866.516.2627
Fax: 704.794.6632
Email: info@ramcolifestyles.com